Herman Koch


Herman Koch was born September 5th 1953 in Arnhem, Netherlands. He's a writer and an actor.  He has written short stories, novels, and columns. His best-selling novel The Dinner was translated into 21 different languages and published in 25 countries. He;s acted for television, radio, and film. He also co-created a TV series in the Netherlands called "Jiskefet."

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The love of violence is an aspect of our humanity. The Dinner by Herman Koch was an excellent representation of how violence is a societal norm in our culture. The novel shows how far you are willing to go to protect someone you love, no matter the consequences or the act conducted. Violence is hereditary, it is not only a learned behaviour but those with medical conditions can pass these traits on to their offspring through genomic sequencing. Violence is something that has always shaped, and will continue to change our society as a whole. Koch was able to incorporate a horrific act of two fifteen-year-old boys and make you view the cultural, hereditary, and societal impact that violence can have.